6 Fun Ways To Pull Out A Children’s Loose Tooth Without Pain!

Losing teeth is a rite of passage for kids—but that doesn’t mean it’s always fun and games. In fact, for some kids (and their parents), the process of losing a tooth can be downright nerve-wracking. If your little one is starting to lose their baby teeth, you might be wondering how to best help them through the process. Here are some of the funniest (and most effective) ways to pull out your kids’ loose teeth.

1. The Tooth Fairy’s Helper

One popular method is to tie a string around the tooth and the doorknob of a closed door.

Then, have your child stand on the other side of the door and slam it shut. The force of the door closing should yank the tooth right out! Of course, this method requires a bit of coordination (and a sense of humor) from both you and your child—but it’s definitely one of the more creative options out there.

2. The Classic Method

Sometimes, the simplest method is also the best method. To use this tried-and-true technique, all you need is a pair of pliers. First, sterilize the pliers by boiling them in water for about five minutes. Then, let them cool before using them to grip your child’s tooth.

Once you have a good grip, simply twist and pull until the tooth comes out. Easy peasy!

3. The “Human Tooth” Trick

This one is sure to get a few laughs—and it might just work, too! To try this method, unscrew one of your own teeth (fake teeth work fine, too) and place it under your child’s pillow. When they wake up in the morning, they’ll find their “tooth” has magically fallen out overnight! Just be sure to have a spare tooth handy in case they try this one on you…;) 

4. Use dental floss

Dental floss is one of the most effective ways to remove a tooth without pain. Simply insert the floss between the tooth and the gum line and gently wiggle it back and forth until the tooth loosens. Once the tooth is loose, you can then pull it out with your fingers.

5. Use a water pick

A water pick is another great way to remove a tooth without pain. Direct the stream of water from the pick at the tooth that you want to remove and wait for it to loosen. Once the tooth is loose, you can then pull it out with your fingers. 

6. See your dentist

If you are struggling to remove a tooth on your own, your best bet is to see your dentist. They will be able to safely and effectively remove the tooth for you so that you can avoid any potential pain or complications associated with removal. 

How to make pulling teeth a fun experience for your kid

If your child is starting to get antsy about their loose tooth, here are five fun ways you can help them remove it.

Tell them the Tooth Fairy is coming.

The anticipation of a visit from the Tooth Fairy can be enough to motivate even the most reluctant child to lose their tooth. And, of course, don’t forget to leave a little something under their pillow once the tooth has been removed! 

Turn it into a game

See who can wiggle their tooth the most without actually pulling it out. You can even keep the score if you want to make it more competitive. The person with the most wiggles at the end of the day gets a prize! 

Offer a reward

Sometimes, all it takes is a little incentive. Promise your child they can have a piece of candy or an extra hour of screen time if they lose their tooth. Just be sure to follow through on your end of the bargain! 

Get creative with string.

Tie one end of a string around your child’s tooth and the other end around a doorknob. Then, let them close the door and watch as their tooth comes out with minimal effort on their part. 

Get experimental with food.

Have your child try biting into an apple or carrot from different angles until their tooth pops out. They might not even realize they’re losing their tooth while they’re busy snacking! 

Losing teeth is a normal and exciting part of childhood—but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy or pain-free. If your child is struggling to remove a loose tooth, try one (or all!) of these five funny methods to help them get it out. Soon enough, they’ll be sporting a brand new gap-toothed smile!


Amongst all the methods mentioned above, which one would you choose? No matter what route you decide to go with pulling out your children’s loose teeth, remember that getting rid of their baby teeth is an important milestone in their lives—so make sure to enjoy every minute (or at least most of them).

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